How To Identify Fraudulent Packers & Movers In Pune In 8 Easy Steps

How To Identify Fraudulent Packers & Movers In Pune In 8 Easy Steps

Most people book packers and movers in Pune without researching them and are not aware of the rogue operators. This is one of the causes of the numerous fraudulent activities in the relocation industry. These scammers just want to make additional money from unsuspecting customers. It is suggested not to trust these illegal operators, but instead hire professional movers that have been vetted carefully. Here’s some tips on how to distinguish them: –

Take A Tour Of The Company’s Offices

The presence of certain companies without complete addresses on their websites make it difficult to trust them. To get a better understanding of specific movers and packers, it is important to visit their office in person. Once there, ask as many questions as possible regarding their team of professionals, tools used during the move and other relevant inquiries. If satisfactory answers are not provided, you can assume that the company may not be genuine.

Find Out If There Are Any Hidden Charges

Often, fraud movers and packers charge hidden costs during your move. They are not visible to you as they are added to your final bill at the end of the move. These costs are unknown to most people, so they get surprised when they see them on their final bill. Therefore, you should inquire about hidden charges when booking your packers and movers in Pune. If they are unwilling to answer your questions, you should avoid booking them.

Coverage Under Insurance

Knowing whether or not they offer you insurance coverage can also help you identify fraud movers and packers. Although these companies charge you money to provide you with insurance, you don’t get any coverage for your goods from them. Hence, you should confirm with your movers whether they will offer insurance coverage for your goods. If they do not, you should think twice before hiring them.

Make Sure Their Legal Documents Are Accurate

Before selecting your mover, it is important that you check the legal documents of the service provider. A reliable packer and mover in Pune will be willing to show you their tax identification numbers, incorporation certificates, and GST registration documents. Avoid companies that refuse to display these credentials as they may not be reputable.

Don’t Pay Cash Up Front

In general, fraud moving companies ask for upfront cash as they are only trying to dupe you and get your money. If yes, you need to avoid the mover and look for another one. Many people pay money to them and get befooled by them. These movers run off with their money and never return. Before moving your goods, you should always check if your mover is requesting money from you.

Tone Of Voice That Is Unprofessional

Judging the movers on the basis of a phone conversation with them can be useful. If their reply doesn’t sound professional, there is a high chance they are not trustworthy. Such companies rarely reveal the name of their brand after you answer the call. On the contrary, well-established packers and movers in Pune will always mention the company’s name first. Hence, it is important that you research before hiring one for your relocation needs.

We Provide Door-To-Door Moving Services

Most of the leading packers and movers in Pune offer door-to-door moving services, ensuring safe delivery of your household items right at the doorstep of your new home. But, be wary, as some dishonest companies may not even mention this service to you. These firms can unload your possessions at a single location and may even demand extra money to deliver them to you. So, it is advisable that you inquire about these services before making any bookings. If they are unable to give satisfactory answers then something may be amiss.

Don’t Accept Low Charges

Fraud movers always provide you with unbelievably low quotes. This is a sign that the moving company is a fraud. So, you should never hire movers who offer their services at dirt-cheap rates.

Review The Online Reviews

It is advisable to go through the online reviews of your moving company before booking it. You may find a plethora of websites where you can find genuine reviews about your company. In order to obtain valuable information about your moving company, you should go through the long negative reviews, which are an excellent source of information for you.

Request Recommendations

You cannot always be sure of the reviews you read online. Therefore, try to get personal recommendations from your family and acquaintances. This is a great way of finding a dependable mover and avoiding any unscrupulous ones. So don’t hesitate to ask around – it will benefit you greatly in distinguishing between which movers are genuine and which are not.

In Conclusion

In order to detect fraud moving companies in the market, you can use the above-mentioned methods. This will help you avoid them and book reputable packers and movers in Pune.