Manoa Waterfall Of Diamond-Shaped Oahu Island In Hawaii

Manoa Waterfall Of Diamond-Shaped Oahu Island In Hawaii

Oahu is the third-largest island of the Summer beauty, Hawaii. Do you know that Oahu Island is also recognized as “The Gathering Place”? It is because this Hawaiian Island is home to masses of the population. Oahu is a rough diamond-shaped structure, surrounded by oceans and divided by mountain ranges. It altogether makes Oahu one of the most beautiful Islands around.

Oahu, an aesthetic place for leisure and pleasure, is a great tourist spot. One more thing which attracts tourists here is Oahu’s waterfall. Oahu is home to a beautiful mint-water fall. One of the most famous waterfalls in Oahu is Manoa Waterfall.

Let’s Explore This Breathtakingly Beautiful Manoa Waterfall In Oahu

Manoa Waterfall Of Oahu

This Oahu waterfall is over 150 feet tall. Manoa is the tallest waterfall on Hawaiian Oahu Island. It empties into a small pool. Mountains of Koolau cover the huge waterfall. In addition, there lies a  tropical forest around the waterfall that experiences the maximum rainfall throughout Oahu Island.

Weather Conditions In Oahu Waterfall

It is recorded as the wettest place receiving the maximum rainfall throughout Oahu Island. However, it influences the Oahu waterfall in a much better way. There’s often less water in the waterfall during summers than in fall and winters.

Tourists usually visit Oahu waterfall in the summer or fall season.

How To Reach The Manoa Waterfall Of Oahu?

Manoa waterfall lies on Oahu Island. It is a 15-20 minutes drive from Waikiki Hotel to the lovely Manoa Valley. This waterfall in Oahu is a little far from Waikiki but is worth visiting.

Trekking In Manoa Falls, Oahu

There’s a pretty and very flat path you need to trek to reach the Manoa falls, which is at a certain height from the valley. Unfortunately, the trail sometimes gets muddy due to rain and other fluctuating weather conditions. The trail can also experience flash floods often.

Just be sure that trekking to and fro in Oahu waterfall takes almost an hour.

Time To Reach This Waterfall Of Oahu

Trekking up the trail to Manoa Waterfall takes almost an hour. If you have to hike to and fro Manoa Falls, then take a time of at least an hour.

Fun Activities At Manoa Waterfall In Oahu

Manoa Falls is also home to Lyon Arboretum. Lyon Arboretum has preserved many endangered species of plants. It has over 5000 plant species. Some common plant species which can be witnessed here are ginger, aroids, bromeliads, and some other native plants of Hawaii.

This place is also covered for research and experiments.

Besides trekking, enjoying the weather, reaching a waterfall, and visiting the Arboretum, you can enjoy aesthetic sun-set and sun-rise views from the tallest Oahu waterfall. In addition, you can visit with your friends and families, have a picnic amidst beautiful tropical forests, and swim in the small pool.

Oahu Waterfall: A Natural Picnic Spot To Trek & Swim

Manoa waterfall is the tallest waterfall on Oahu Island. It empties into a small pool where you can swim. Just don’t go too deep because it is a natural habitat of species of animals and rodents.

If you love trekking, you need to climb up the trail, which takes almost an hour to complete both to and fro journeys in Oahu waterfall. Viewers have shared their experiences of the beautiful glimpses that the trail offers throughout the journey.

You can take your picnic mats and snacks to picnic in the tropical forests. Imagine enjoying a refreshing mojito and hot dumplings while watching the serene view of the Koolau mountains and listening to the satisfying waterfall sounds.

Nature lovers can visit Lyon Arboretum to explore unique endangered Hawaiian plant species. You’ll be fascinated to see the research and studies conducted timely on over 5000 plant species grown here.

Oahu waterfall is also a place with the maximum rainfall around, so be aware of the season you plan to visit here. Flash floods on the muddy trail can be harmful to trekking. In summers, the Manoa waterfall has the least amount of water. The best time to visit Manoa is during mid-summer or fall. It is also the peak season to travel here.

So if you live in or near Hawaii, don’t forget to explore this beautiful Oahu waterfall amidst beautiful mountain ranges surrounded by lush green tropical forests. Manoa Valley is the perfect picnic spot to make your heart dance to the satisfying sounds of the 150-feet tallest waterfall. Overjoy yourself swimming in the mint water here and enjoy serene glimpses of sunset.