NS Horse Screen: An Innovative Device To Monitor The Health Of Horses

NS Horse Screen: An Innovative Device To Monitor The Health Of Horses

Horses have been a part of human civilization for centuries and are known for their majestic qualities. They represent companionship, strength, freedom, and loyalty. People who love equines often create an emotional bond with them. Early diagnosis of health issues is crucial to maintain their health, as they cannot communicate their problems. In this domain, NS Horse Screen has revolutionized the way of monitoring equine health. It is equipped with the leading technology that can transform the way we take care of horses. In this article, we will describe its features, shed light on how to use it, and discuss potential drawbacks to help you decide whether it is a suitable option for your equines or not.

NS Horse Screen: An Overview

NS Horse Screen is designed to monitor the health of equines and is equipped with the latest technologies. It consists of various features like real-time tracking of heartbeat, respiratory rate, and temperature. Its advanced technology is helpful in early diagnoses of any ailment or injury that may cause severe repercussions later if not treated timely. It can track the behavior patterns and activities of horses to provide insights if any irregularity is detected.

How To Use It?

NS Horse Screen is a wearable device designed by equine experts. It is lightweight and comfortable for horses to wear. It has in-built sensors integrated with a mobile app that sends a regular report of the results. We need to put it in the neck of the horse. The sensors continuously monitor various aspects, including heartbeat, respiratory rate, and temperature. It has pre-designed algorithms that observe the behavior and activity patterns of the horses to provide accurate reports.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of NS Horse Screen may seem higher than the traditional method, but long-term benefits outweigh the question of cost. The exact cost may vary depending on the region, features of the device, and additional services. Many testimonials have verified the credibility of the NS Horse Screening device regarding the health benefits they observed.

Features & Benefits Of NS Horse Screen

Early Detection Of Issues:

The biggest benefit of NS Horse Screen is its early detection of health-related issues and notifying the owner. It checks the development of behavior, activity, and inner changes like heartbeat and temperature. On detecting even the slightest negative in these activities, it immediately notifies the owner through the help of the integrated mobile app.


Lab tests checked its accuracy before making it available for the general public. Later, users who used the device rectified its efficacy in early and accurate detection of health-related issues in their equines.

Real-Time Detection:

It monitors the behavior, activity, and inner aspects of the body in real time and keeps the owner updated on the mobile app. This helps in the early detection of the ailment and finding a cure for it. Often, the issues that are detected early have a higher probability to cured.

Potential Area Of Development

Technical Issues:

It is an innovative device designed using the latest cutting-edge technology. However, technology is unreliable, and you may face technical glitches at times. The developers of this device must improve it in this aspect, and its dependency on the Internet should be reduced to make it more efficient for horses.

Question Of Cost:

Its cost is way higher than that of traditional methods, which raises the question of its availability on the grassroots level. It is required to work on its cost to increase its reach globally.


NS Horse Screen has emerged as a revolutionary tool in the domain of equine health. Its monitoring reports and accuracy hold the ground. Concerns related to technical glitches, cost, and learning curve need to be worked on. Despite this, it has set a new standard for maintaining equine health and diagnosing ailments, if there are any.


What is NS Horse Screen?

It is a device equipped with sensors and integrated with a mobile app that helps maintain the horses’ health.

How does NS Horse Screen work?

It simply monitors the behavioral and activity patterns along with heartbeat, respiratory activity, and temperature to diagnose ailments, if there are any.

What are the side effects of using NS Horse Screen?

No side effects have been reported with this device, as it is noninvasive and simply needs to fit in the horse’s neck.