Teen Caden Crain: Daughter Of Stormy Daniels Making Media Headlines

Teen Caden Crain: Daughter Of Stormy Daniels Making Media Headlines

Children of celebrities often get a lot of media attention. The media covers everything from the smallest things, like their favorite food and color, to their school and passion. This level of attention sometimes creates trouble for children’s mental health as they start feeling pressured to perform the best in each aspect of their lives. One such story is of Caden Crain, whose parents are well-known celebrities in the USA. Read the article if you are curious to know more about Caden, her parents, and the impact of their divorce on her life.

Caden Crain: Who Is She?

Caden Crain was born in 2011 (13 years old as of 2024) in Texas, USA. Her mother, Stormy Daniels, is an adult film actress, and her father, Glendon Crain (also known as Brendon Miller), is an adult film actor. Daniels gained widespread attention for her involvement in the alleged hush money case concerning former President Donald Trump. The couple reportedly separated in 2018. This incident impacted Caden’s life and well-being. As the child of celebrity parents, Caden often finds herself in the spotlight, attracting media attention and public interest.  In this article, we will learn about her personal life, her parents, and the headlines that made her a part of mainstream media.

Caden Crain’s Family: Controversies & Challenges

Caden’s Father: Brendon Miller(Glandon Crain)

Caden Crain’s father, Brendon Miller, is an adult film actor who has won many awards and accolades. He previously worked as a drummer. Reportedly, he took a break from acting and pursued his career in music.

Caden’s Mother: Stormy Daniels (Stephanie A. Gregory)

Stormy Daniels is an adult film actress and director. Earlier, she worked as a stripper. She has won many awards for her acting and is a proud member of many hall-of-fame clubs including NightMoves Hall of Fame and XRCO Hall Of Fame.

Marriage & Divorce

Daniels started dating Brendon in 2010, after her divorce from Michael Mosny in 2009. The couple was blessed with a daughter named Caden Crain in 2011. They both tied the wedding knot in 2015. However, their relationship faced numerous challenges, and as a result of this, Brendon filed a divorce from Daniels on the pretext of adultery and asked for the custody of their daughter, Caden.

Daniels’ Involvement In Hush Money Case Against Donald Trump

In 2018, a report by the Wall Street Journal surfaced alleging former president Donald Trump paid hush money (An amount of money paid to someone for remaining silent about something) to Daniels in 2016, just before the elections, to keep her quiet about her sexual relationship with Trump back in 2006. However, Trump denied allegations of having an affair with Daniels and called her a liar who was trying to tarnish his image for political gain. In response, Daniels filed a lawsuit against Trump, claiming that she was threatened and coerced into signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Impact On Caden Crain

Her parents’ marriage, divorce, career, and mother’s involvement in high-profile hush-money cases, all have a huge impact on her mental health. After the divorce, the court gave her custody to his father who left his career of acting and started a career in music. Daniels used to meet Caden once a week or fortnight but it got canceled due to her involvement in a hush-money case against Donald Trump. According to Daniels, her topmost priority was to keep her daughter safe and away from all the chaos so she left her with Brendon Miller. Media spotlight, fame, and controversy of the family shaped her childhood into a not-so-good experience and the impact of this will be visible in her upcoming years.


The media frenzy around celebrities and their family often creates tumultuous experiences for children especially when they have a family full of controversies. The same is happening with Caden Crain. Born into a world of fame, regular scrutiny from the media, and the challenges of dealing with big names in politics may or may not take a toll on Caden’s mental well-being as she is a single-parent child. The story of Caden’s life is complex and unique. However, it highlights the effects of having celebrity parents on their children. It emphasizes the importance of being compassionate and understanding towards them, especially when they are always under the public eye.


Who are the parents of Caden Crain?

Her mother’s name is Stormy Daniels and her father’s is Brendon Miller (Glendon Crain). They both are adult film actors in the USA.

Is there any threat to the life of Caden Crain?

Caden’s mother is involved in the hush-money case against former president Donald Trump which raised the question of security and safety for Caden as Daniels stated that Trump’s people threatened her in the presence of her toddler daughter.

How do celebrity culture and media frenzy impact the lives of their children?

This culture takes a toll on the mental health of the children as they are under constant pressure to perform their best and live up to the expectations of the people just like their parents.